Parable of the sower

The opening prayer in today’s Mass calls on us “to reject what is contrary to the gospel.” Isn’t it contrary to the “good news” to waste and destroy God’s creation? The Creator has “greatly enriched the land.” How dare we impoverish it!

The commitment of believers to a healthy environment for everyone stems directly from their belief in God the Creator, from their recognition of the effects of original and personal sin, and from the certainty of having been redeemed by Christ. Respect for life and for the dignity of the human person extends also to the rest of creation, which is called to join man in praising God.    

Pope John Paul II, World Day of Peace Message 1990:16.

Gerald Darring

Both in the parable itself and in Jesus’ explanation of it, he indicates that seeds falling on rich soil do not all produce the same abundance—some thirty-, some sixty-, some a hundredfold. God cares less about quantity produced and more about growth and Life coming to fruition. As we take in God’s word with understanding hearts and come to conversion and receive healing, God actually gives us more than even a hundredfold. God gives us fullness of Life forever.

 Every year farmers sow seed in hope of a harvest, knowing full well that drought, storm, insects, etc., can bring it all to ruin. But it is the hope of a harvest—no matter how abundant—that warrants the effort.