Brief History:
The priest-training college staff of Blairs (South Deeside) ministered to the Roman Catholics in this area until about 1848. At this time Fr Charles Tochetti was sent to this area where he began fund-raising for a church building in Inveruerie. The church was completed in 1852.

The church is dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus, frequently called Our Lady in the Roman Catholic tradition, under the title of The Immaculate Conception. This title refers to the Roman Catholic teaching that Mary, from the very beginning of her existence (i.e. her conception), was kept free from all kinds of sinfulness.   A solemn pronouncement of this teaching was made by the Pope in 1854 (This event  may have influenced the choice of the dedication of our church as this solemn pronouncement took place just two years after this church was completed.)

The circular window in the sanctuary area consists of thick glass pieces with rough-hewn surfaces set in a heavy (here, concrete) matrix. It shows a dove-shape, representing the Holy Spirit, and around the circumference are the Latin words + LARGIRE + DONA + SPIRITUS meaning BE GENEROUS WITH THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT.

Our crucifix combines a number of aspects usually kept separate: Christ is shown on the cross, but he is not shown as suffering but as glorified. He is shown as King (crowned) and as Priest (in the vestments worn by a Roman Catholic priest celebrating Mass). In addition, the symbols of the four Evangelists (the Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are attached to the four extremities of the cross.