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We have been reviving the old tradition of the Apostleship of Prayer, now known as the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, in which three challenges based on the Pope’s intentions are offered to the people of God. Perhaps you could revive this in your own prayer or, even more effectively, in the prayer-life of your parish or worshipping community? Although in many parts of our hemisphere less happens in August, there can still be unity in prayer, never wasted or useless. In this spirit, recalling that this Pope’s Intention is for the church anyway, here are three proposals for this month.

1: Think and pray over what reform “in the light of the Gospel” might mean, from your own experience of the Church. Be open to questioning some of your own assumptions; ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that might have gone unchallenged. Let the Trinity’s gaze fall on you as you do this.

2: Think over and pray about what you mean when you talk about “The Church”. Is it still, for you, the name we give to the institution and the mechanism of the church, based in Rome and in the cathedrals and diocesan offices around the world, and maybe in the sacristies of our church buildings? Or is it, as the Second Vatican Council discerned, the entire People of God, united in praise, worship and the infinite mystery of God, who continues to seek out each one of us? Look again at the Council’s documents and ponder how we are living out our vocations to be church to and in the world.

3: The Climate Sunday initiative is calling on all local churches across Britain & Ireland to hold a climate-focused service on any Sunday before COP26 (November 2021). So far over 1,000 churches have joined in. Could your church add its voice this year? Discuss the proposal with everyone in your parish, chaplaincy or worshipping community; speak to your leaders and pastors to explore how this call could be taken up where you are. Visit for more information and further suggestions.


We are asked to pray directly to the Holy Spirit for the Church this month. There have been and will continue to be controversies, for example over the liturgy of the Church, which could and does divide the people of God. The outrage of clericalism shows itself every now and again too, and that is also divisive, because it by its very nature separates one part of the People of God from another; a kind of clerical class or caste can be placed, or can place itself, over and above the majority. As is suggested in our Three Proposals this month, our prayer must include careful reflection on how we participate in the life and worship of the church, the body of which we are all members.


Our Daily Prayer Pathway combines the long-established AoP tradition of the Morning Offering to the Heart of Christ with the Ignatian wisdom of the Daily Prayer of Awareness, or “Examen”, towards the end of the day. Between these two moments is a third – an Act of the Presence of God, made at some point in the middle of your day, perhaps during your coffee break or lunch break. None of these three steps in the daily Prayer Pathway needs to take a long time but they can make anyone’s day more reflective and abundant. Once again, we recall what Pope Francis told the 6,000 delegates from his Worldwide Prayer Network, in Rome, two years ago – “the heart of the church’s mission is prayer”. Here is our version of the Morning Offering prayer; also, you’ll find a daily set of three prayers, refreshed very day, on our highly popular Click-to-Pray website and App., downloadable from our website.

Loving God, here I am. I know you are always with me. I place my heart in the Heart of your Son Jesus, who gives himself to us in the Eucharist each day. May your Holy Spirit strengthen me to live the Gospel in everything I do and say. For my part I give you this day–all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings–all I am and possess. With Mary, mother of the Church, I pray for the mission of the Church, for all Apostles of Prayer, and for the intentions of the Pope this month. Amen.


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The Pope’s prayer intention for the month of July

(Vatican City, June 24, 2021) – The upcoming Pope Video, which will be published on July 1, presents the prayer intention that Pope Francis is entrusting to the entire Catholic Church through the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network: “Let us pray that, in social, economic, and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous and passionate architects of dialogue and friendship.”

The Holy Father’s prayer intention addresses the many problems and crises of living side by side that are being experienced on a global level, on the level of societies and families, and in relationships among people in general. In the face of this he proposes the path of dialogue to “build social friendship which is so necessary,” and to “live with passion the challenges we face in constructing the common good.”

Although on many occasions the media or politics make us prisoners of their power games to create enmity, the Pope asks us to pray against this destructive polarization, and thus to become true architects of dialogue.

The Pope Video is possible thanks to the generous contributions of many people. You can donate by following this link.

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The Pope Video is an official global initiative with the purpose of disseminating the Holy Father’s monthly prayer intentions. It is carried out by the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer). Since the year 2016, The Pope Video has had more than 156 million views across all its social networks, and is translated into more than 23 languages, receiving press coverage in 114 countries. The videos are produced and created with the support of La Machi Agency and the team of The Pope Video of the Prayer Network, coordinated by Andrea Sarubbi. The project is supported by Vatican Media. More information at: The Pope Video.

About the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network is a Vatican foundation, with the mission of mobilizing Catholics through prayer and action in response to the challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church. These challenges are presented in the form of prayer intentions entrusted by the Pope to the entire Church. The foundation’s mission is inscribed in the dynamic of the Heart of Jesus, a mission of compassion for the world. It was founded in 1844 as the Apostleship of Prayer. It is present in 89 countries and is made up of more than 22 million Catholics. It includes a youth branch, the EYM: Eucharistic Youth Movement. In December 2020, the Pope constituted this pontifical work as a Vatican foundation and approved its new statutes. Its international director is Fr. Frédéric Fornos, SJ. For more information, visit: