Exploring Our Faith

Faith and Science:

In our society where atheistic propaganda has been widely disseminated, and sadly, absorbed by many, giving the impression that science shows that belief in God is naive (a ‘delusion’), it is important for Christians to be aware of what serious scientific scholarship really says. It is important educated Catholics and especially our teenagers be given solid and convincing truth.

Where can all the material that we need to address this problem be easily found in one place?

EXCELLENT resources can be found on the Magis Centers website 

On this website you will find materials for schools, teenagers, adults…, many of them free, that will address these serious questions. The centre is run by Fr Robert Spitzer SJ

Many worthwhile clips by Fr Spitzer, such as the following, can be found on Youtube:

In these clips he demonstrates that serious scientific scholarship actually points to the inescapable fact that the universe (no matter what type of universe is dreamt up!) necessarily has a beginning and that therefore there must have been a creator who is outside of the universe to actually get things going. (Anything by Fr Robert Spitzer is worth seeing)

Other YouTube clips that can be of help: